Why should I take action?

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Soya is particularly important as an ingredient in animal feed globally, and is increasingly used as an alternative protein source for human consumption too.

It is 'embedded' in animal and dairy products, as well as found in vegetarian and vegan recipes.

We can play a vital role in ensuring that those soybeans were produced in a sustainable way to reduce our impact on the environment and climate change. There might be alternatives to soya in some cases, but it is best to support the sustainable production of soybeans, so that demand for unsustainable produce is not simply diverted, and change is driven on the ground.

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Don't forget to tell everyone about it!

Whatever action youhave taken and progress made, it is important to talk about it. Tell peoplewhat you have done and why. Be open. Be transparent.

There are different types of people whom you might want to communicate with -customers and clients, employees, other businesses, governments, and thegeneral public. Be prepared to use a variety of formats such associal media, apps, podcasts, reports that relate to both the topic you aretalking about and to whom you are talking.

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