What action should I take?


As a business, you recognise your responsibility to take action on sustainable sourcing of agricultural commodities. But what action should you take?

Possible actions could be:
  • Make a public statement: choose this option if you want to tell everyone what your intentions are - you can make a factual statement or pledge based around sustainable sourcing;

  • Develop a company policy or commitment - this should tell everyone what your goals are - include what commodities it covers and the timeline you expect to achieve a target by;

  • Develop a company-wide or association-wide code of conduct - set out rules outlining the norms, rules and responsibilities or best practices of an organisation;

  • Get certified: What commodities do you want to certify?  Check out the well-known certification schemes to look at the options.

Consider the following:
  • Scope - will it be broad in terms of the commodities you cover, or more focused on specific commodities initially?

  • Ambition - it can be ambitious in terms of goals and timeline, or take a more phased approach initially.

  • Off the peg or bespoke - create your own policy and choose if you want to pursue commodity certification in your supply chain.

These considerations could depend on the size and type of your business, funding opportunities, your current stage of the sustainability journey, or the type of commodities you source in your supply chain.

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Don't forget to tell everyone about it!

Whatever action you have taken and progress made, it is important to talk about it. Tell people what you have done and why. Be open. Be transparent.

There are different types of people whom you might want to communicate with customers and clients, employees, other businesses, governments and the general public. Be prepared to use a  variety of formats such as social media, apps, podcasts, reports that relate to both the topic you are talking about and to whom you are talking.

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