How do I monitor my progress?


Monitoring and reporting is key to demonstrating progress against commitments and importantly showing achievements made. It allows you to be transparent and open in what you are doing, and to track progress and review lessons internally.

The way in which you monitor and report will depend on the size of your business, the scale of your commitment or the audience you are reporting to.

- What should you be monitoring and reporting on?  It is important to show your progress against your goals, commitments, pledges.

- How are you doing? Make sure you share your progress with others.

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Don't forget to tell everyone about it!

Whatever action you have taken and progress made, it is important to talk about it. Tell people what you have done and why. Be open. Be transparent.

There are different types of people whom you might want to communicate with customers and clients, employees, other businesses, governments and the general public. Be prepared to use a  variety of formats such as social media, apps, podcasts, reports that relate to both the topic you are talking about and to whom you are talking.

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