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Soy is one of the main sources of protein in our global food supply. We may not realize how much of it we consume, because most of it is fed to livestock first.

In fact, 75% of the world’s soybean crop is used as animal feed for poultry, pigs, livestock, and farmed fish.  We can also find soy oil in margarine, chocolate, ice cream and baked goods, cosmetics and soaps. Only 5% is used for direct human consumption, in foods like tofu or soy milk.

Don't forget to tell everyone about it!

Whatever action you have taken and progress made, it is important totalk about it. Tell people what you have done and why. Be open. Be transparent.

There are different types of people whom you might want to communicate with -customers and clients, employees, other businesses, governments, and thegeneral public.  Be prepared to use a  variety of formats such associal media, apps, podcasts, reports that relate to both the topic you aretalking about and to whom you are talking.

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